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How do I initiate services?

Please call the office or email to schedule an initial evaluation.  We will find the right therapist for your child given his or her needs and schedule.

We will direct you to a link to download case history forms which are an essential piece for evaluations.  It is extremely helpful if these forms are completed prior to the evaluation.


What is an evaluation?

An evaluation consists of a combination of standardized tests, play-based assessment, a thorough case history and parent interview to create an individualized assessment and treatment plan to meet the needs of each child.  A written report and consultation will occur once all the data is collected.


How often are session scheduled?

For therapy to create change, consistent attendance is vital.  Following the evaluation, your therapist will make recommendations appropriate for your child. 


What about absences from school?

If necessary, your therapist will provide you with a note so your child will have an excused absence.


What can I expect after each session?

You are welcome to observe each visit.  If this is distracting from therapy, we will arrange for you to observe via monitor.  Regardless of your presence in the therapy room or observation via monitor, we will meet the last 5-10 minutes of therapy to discuss your child’s progress and activities you can continue at home.  Carryover and practice are important for solidifying new skills.  This is the opportunity for the child to generalize what he or she learned in therapy.  If appropriate, homework will be provided after each visit.


Do you accept my insurance?

We are in network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare. We will provide you with all necessary paperwork for you to file with your provider if we are out of network.  You may check to see if you have out of network coverage.  Most insurances will reimburse you a percentage of the cost if you do have this coverage as part of your policy.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We are happy to reschedule with at least 24 hours notice. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior or a client fails to show up there will be a fee charged for the missed appointment.


What ages do you serve?

Services for children generally begin around 18 months, but earlier, particularly for feeding issues.  We also see school-age children with articulation disorders, fluency disorders, auditory processing disorders and social language disorders. 

As pediatric therapists we share your concern and uncertainty that you may feel as a result of your child’s delay. We believe that the best time to help your child is as early as possible, so call and we are happy to discuss your child’s needs before we schedule the evaluation.  If you are worried your child isn’t meeting the milestones with speech and language that he or she should be, CLICK HERE to learn about speech and language developmental norms for children.


What is your address and how do I get to your office?

Our office is located at 7500 Stonebrook Parkway, Suite102; Frisco, Texas  75034.  We are off Stonebrook on the north side of the road between Parkwood and Preston.

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