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Holly Willis’ work as a licensed speech/language pathologist has shown her that nearly every child has the capacity to learn when provided with the tools they need to be successful. Her approach includes treating the whole child, collaborating with other professionals, flexibility in addressing each child’s unique needs, patience and compassion. Holly received her masters degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Texas Christian University in 2000.  She has been in private practice since that time.  She provides evaluations and therapy for children who have speech, language, and auditory disorders. She has expertise and extensive education in evaluating and treating feeding issues (picky eaters, tube and button fed kids, etc.) and oral motor impairments that affect the child’s ability to learn to talk.  


Holly has been trained in various feeding and oral motor programs including Kay Toomey’s SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach, Elizabeth Clawson and Carol Elliott’s Management of Complex Feeding Disorders, and Lori Overland’s Sensory Motor Approach to Feeding to name a few. Oral motor techniques include training in the Talk Tools Horn and Straws programs, and Beckman Oral Motor Protocol.  Holly has received training in the PROMPT Method through the PROMPT Institute and is excited about the positive results many children experience with this apraxia program.  She also uses the Kaufman Program for Apraxia, which is designed to tie the oral motor program to the child’s development of speech and spoken language.



Sheri Wiggins is a licensed speech/language pathologist.  She received her masters degree from the University of North Texas. She has extensive experience working with pediatric patients conducting both formal and informal, play-based assessments and implementing multi-sensory therapy techniques. While raising her four boys, she worked as the preschool director for her church, providing ample hands-on involvement with behavioral challenges and overall development of the preschool child. This experience provided her with her mission statement:  meet a child where they are and take them to where you want them to be.   


Areas of interest and specialty include cleft palate, language development, sensory processing, oral-motor impairments, and communication disorders associated with autism spectrum disorder.  In addition, she has experience with aural rehabilitation and hearing impairment.   Sheri has been trained in various oral-motor and motor planning programs, but finds that “one size does not fit all,” preferring to crafted a plan to address each child’s individual needs.  She has received training in the PROMPT Method through the PROMPT Institute and finds this to be a valuable tool appropriate for a variety of communication disorders. Additionally, Sheri has attended several of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking workshops and realizes the importance of incorporating healthy, positive social skill into therapy plans.  Furthermore, she values the role that play has in therapy noting, “Young children learn best through play that is relevant and meaningful to them.”


Reagan Jones received both her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from Baylor University. She has experience working in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals for adults, public schools and university clinic settings (individual and group). She also has experience in many different areas of need including, but not limited to, language delays, receptive and expressive language disorders, literacy, articulation and phonological disorders, and pragmatic difficulties.  


Her desire to pursue a career in speech language pathology began when volunteering to help with Special Olympics in high school, assisting children with Autism and other disorders. She has enjoyed collaborating closely with families, caregivers, and other professionals within a variety of settings for the purpose of creating the finest social and language environment for each individual and family.

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